What is Modeling Chocolate?

What is Modeling Chocolate?

We get this question surprisingly often, I guess we assume the world knows all about the awesomeness that is modeling chocolate, or as the pros say it MC 😉

So for all you "normal people" aka: non-cake and chocolate nerds:

Modeling Chocolate is a clay-like or play dough-like confectionary medium, usually made up of chocolate and some sort of sugary syrup. The result is tasty chocolate clay that you can play with, sculpt, mold, roll out or do as you please to decorate and endless variety of confectionery goods.

Some, but certainly not limited to; cakes, rolled out cookies, pastries, dipped fruit like dipped strawberries or caramel apples, chocolate dipped Oreo cookies, cheesecakes, cake pops, truffles, and so so much more..

You can shape it by hand, by way of silicone mold, cut it with your sharp edge or cookie cutter, it will do all you want and more...

BUT and it's a big but 😉 it's been known to be a finicky medium to work with because...well chocolate melts, humans are usually warm or in our case hot handed and therein lies the trouble. In the past, one such hot handed human would have to continuously cool down the chocolate, their hands, or resort to working in their fridge 😔🥶

(Shameless plug) Enter Hot Hands, and queue in super hero music >>> This is the first and ONLY product actually formulated to withstand the warmth of the human touch-- now don't go getting the wrong idea here-- it's still chocolate, it's actually fantastic quality chocolate, which means it WILL and is supposed to melt, however, it will give you more workability than any other modeling chocolate out there. 

ANY you say?? It's not like you've tried them all??!!!

Actually, we have, we searched high and low, bought and tried every brand on the U.S market and would have been willing to try one off the back of a truck 😳🤢 (desperate and so dramatic) but, every.single.one melted into a yucky grease puddle faster than it could be formed into anything recognizable 😭 so we stick to Hot Hands! 

But you can try any or all of them and see what you can work with and what you personally prefer, if you're blessed with normal temperature hands, or better yet, cold ones, you can probably work with most brands out there. 

Bottomline, get your hands on some modeling chocolate and enjoy some food crafting that will take you back to your childhood days with play dough or clay! it's uber fun, nostalgic, and will yield you an awesome, hand made, creation to adorn your sweets and impress yourself, family, and everyone on your zoom calls!


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